Wedding Officiant Services

Let us bring your dream wedding to life!

Choosing a wedding officiant is no easy task and it’s one of the most important decision in planning your wedding. As such we want you to feel comfortable, that’s why we provide free consultation where our wedding officiant will work with you and your families.

This is a memorable moment – something that you and your families will remember forever. Our job is to collaborate with you to make it easy and fun. We have designed the following process to better serve our couples and families:

  1.  A free initial consultation where we meet and get to know you and your expectation. For convenience, Initial consultation can be conducted remotely via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or phone. From there, we do our research based on your requirements and expectations, we will provide any required additional information, this way you can focus on other important things for your wedding. For example, we Look into the laws of the county where you plan to tie the knot and familiarize ourselves with any requirements, we’ll need to meet to perform the marriage. We will take care of any specific documentation required to be included with your marriage license application.
  2. Contract Signing – this means that you are hiring us for the most important job – officiating your wedding. We gather all your requirements; you tell us what you want to include in your ceremony. You provide your requirements as part of a contract and it’s up to us to deliver, no excuses. This is also where pre-planning takes place.
  3. Planning & Practice – Great practice makes perfect, we take the time to go over the plan with you until you feel 100% comfortable, leaving no room for errors. We understand you have many things going on and most couples tend to get extremely nervous. Your ceremony will set the tone for the rest of the event, that’s why we take this job very seriously. Let’s create a loving and heartfelt moment as you exchange your vows.
  4. The Day of – We will be there on time to help coordinate with your attendants and vendors. We will deliver the exact ceremony as discussed, planned and practiced.
  5. Marriage License – Even though it’s your responsibility to get the marriage license, we will take care of signing it and filing it with the proper office. You will obtain a copy of your marriage license for your records.


Congratulations, you are married and will live happily ever after!

ALERT: Due to COVID-19 and social distancing rules in place, we will be holding our consultation meetings online via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or with a phone call. Please let us know your preference when requesting or scheduling a consultation meeting. Your complimentary consultation will last up to one hour, you will meet your assigned wedding officiant lead.