Immigration Forms Preparation

Sam Tax & Multi-Services provides a range of immigration forms preparation enabling clients to adjust their immigration status, become U.S. citizens, complete and file various immigration applications, and keep the community informed about current immigration policies and procedures. Sam Tax & Multi-Services and its Immigration forms preparations staff have also been involved in a variety of advocacy efforts related to immigrant’s rights and issues.

Sam Tax & Multi-Services has worked with immigrants all across the US and abroad, helping them attain their goals: achieving US citizenship; gaining work authorization; uniting with family members; becoming legal residents; improving educational skills, adopting to the US culture, and finding jobs.

Whether you want to work with us to further your dreams for yourself and your family or you wish to join us in our work with immigrant communities we invite you to learn about the immigration forms preparation services we offer.

Forms that we prepare

Family Petitions
Green Cards renewal
Adjustment of status
Naturalization Application
Work Permit
Travel Documents
Asylum application

If you would like to discuss a specific situation, please call us directly, contact or e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.